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Termite Treatments in Round Rock

Keep Your Home Safe and Termite-Free with Our Expert Treatment Methods

Termites are prehistoric critters that have been terrorizing wood products for 120 million years. While they play an essential role in the ecosystem by breaking down dead wood, they also take it upon themselves to break down the wood that makes up the structure of your home or business. At that point, they must be dealt with.

Treatment and prevention are vital to protecting your property. At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we've helped hundreds of homeowners just like you protect their most valuable investment: their home. Whether you have an active infestation or want to protect your home from these invaders, our Round Rock termite treatment methods can help. We use only the best, time-tested techniques to perform our termite treatments so that you don't have to worry about termites anymore.

Termites can quickly do vast amounts of damage to your home. Call (512) 645-1199 or send us a message online to schedule a free quote!

Signs You May Have Termites

Termites are mostly subterranean pests. When they infest a structure, they always start from the bottom up. This makes them very difficult to notice until it’s too late. Keeping an eye out for the signs of termite infestation can give you an advantage in protecting your property from these hungry pests.

Some of these termite symptoms include:

  • Mud tubes
  • Crumbling wood
  • Tunnel structures under wood or furniture
  • Pinholes
  • Piles of pellets
  • Crumbling drywall

Many termite problems begin because of excess moisture. Paying attention to where rainwater pools around your home can give you an idea of where termites might be living. Plumbing leaks are also a prime spot for infestation because they contribute to the moisture that termites need. During a termite inspection in Round Rock, our technicians can help you recognize places that may be enticing to termites.

Impacts of Termite Infestation

Termites have an incredible appetite for anything constructed from wood. They have been known to infest dressers, tables, cabinets, wood floors, and structural beams inside your home. Damage done by termites cannot be undone. Furniture and floors can be ruined and require replacement. Structural supports in your home will need to be reinforced or replaced at a significant cost to the homeowner. As termites tunnel in through wood, they bring in moisture with them and can damage siding and drywall, while also increasing the chances of mold infestation.

Using both termite control methods, we can ensure that your home is protected from active infestations and damage. For all your termite questions, be sure to contact us online or call (512) 645-1199 to speak with our experts.

Our Termite Removal Methods

At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we don’t mess around with termite infestations. We treat active infestations with Termidor, a contact-transferred pesticide. By treating your property with Termidor, termites become carriers for the pesticide. As they come into contact with other members of their swarm, they pass the pesticide to them. This process can kill an active swarm very quickly.

For passive termite control in Round Rock, we use Trelona bait stations installed around the perimeter of your home or business. Bait stations are vital to protecting your home long-term from new infestations. These bait stations attract termites into them where they come into contact with an agent that they bring back to the colony. The pesticide continues to work for months to destroy active and invading termite colonies.

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  • They use safe products and provide an excellent service.

    “We use pest control companies all over the country. Fresh is by far one of my favorite. They are always polite and easy going. I also like that they offer a few different service plan options, which makes it easy to customize a plan to our needs.”

    - Joe B.
  • I’m so happy I found fresh pest! Customer for life!

    “The owner of the company himself was the one that serviced my home. He didn’t rush at all. Took the time to explain everything he was going to do and even what products he was using. I love that the products are organic and safe but effective!”

    - Nydia A.
  • FRESH pest control came to save our lives.

    “This small company is amazing! They have quick response times, quick scheduling and they were able to get rid of our ant piles around our home quickly. The customer service is amazing, always so kind! We have found our forever pest control company!!”

    - Pili G.
  • Hiring Fresh Pest Control was an excellent decision.

    “The professionalism that was portrayed, the level of customer service, and the local nature of the business made me know that this was the perfect company to work with. I highly recommend them!”

    - Brad H.
  • Very thorough with the treatments. Very responsive with emails

    “Dane explained potential issues and was genuinely concerned about our new house. We agreed that bi-monthly was the best plan for us. . We have had the initial treatment and a second treatment now with no issues. Highly recommend.”

    - Tammy S.

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