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There's no such thing as a good pest, but mosquitos are definitely one of the worst. Every spring, they come out and begin to multiply, driving people back into their homes with itchy bites. Whether you’re just trying to enjoy a summer evening on your patio or hosting a cookout, mosquitos will likely be there bothering you and your guests.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer. At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we have a holistic approach to mosquito treatment in Round Rock. Our methods target mosquitoes in every phase of their lives so that we kill existing mosquitoes and prevent new larvae from hatching. With just one visit from our mosquito control specialists, we can take care of your mosquito problem so you can get back outdoors doing the things that you love.

Don’t let mosquitos chase you back inside from your summer activities. Call our mosquito control experts at (512) 645-1199 or fill out our online contact form to get help fast!

Identifying Mosquito Breeding Hotspots

In as little as a week, a mosquito can hatch hundreds of eggs in a small standing water source. Mosquitos lay eggs in standing water, so it's important to identify places where water may be collected. As the first step in our treatment program, our experts at Fresh Pest Control LLC will do a site survey and identify the places where mosquitos could be laying eggs.

Clogged gutters, toys, birdbaths, and low places in your yard can quickly become a nesting ground for hundreds of mosquito larvae. We will help you identify and eliminate any spots that are contributing to your problem. If there are locations where standing water cannot be avoided, we can apply a low-concentration larvicide to prevent it from becoming a safe spot for mosquitos.

The Dangers of Mosquitos

While it may seem like mosquitos are just a nuisance, they are probably responsible for more human suffering than any other pest that you may encounter. Mosquitos are notorious for carrying dangerous diseases that can sicken or even kill humans. Up until recently, Texas has been lucky to avoid some of the mosquito-borne diseases plaguing humanity, but some have been tracking northward from Central America in recent years.

Some of these mosquito-borne diseases include:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Encephalitis

Treating the area around your home will reduce the nuisance of mosquitos, and it will also help prevent the spread of these dangerous diseases.

Keep mosquitos away from your home with our expert Round Rock mosquito control service. Call (512) 645-1199 to learn more about our methods or to schedule a free quote today!

Our Method

At Fresh Pest Control LLC, our complete approach to Round Rock mosquito treatment is vital to protecting your home. After identifying and neutralizing breeding grounds, we will manually fog your yard to kill existing adult mosquitos. This service will take care of active infestations.

To prevent future infestations, we are proud to offer the In2Care system that uses a mosquito's natural habits to keep populations under control.

The In2Care system is comprised of traps that lure mosquitos inside. The inside of the trap is treated with a pesticide that sticks to the mosquito. Wherever the mosquito travels, they will spread the pesticide. The pesticide's residual nature prevents eggs from hatching in any water sources that are visited by the mosquitos. The benefit of this system is that it treats the exact places where mosquitoes are laying eggs, even areas overlooking by inspections, thus reducing the total amount of chemicals used in a mosquito treatment.

The In2Care system is part of our family and pet-friendly goals. The chemicals used are safe around humans and pets, and since the mosquitos are targeted at their nests, the treatment is extra effective.

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Our Reviews
  • They use safe products and provide an excellent service.

    “We use pest control companies all over the country. Fresh is by far one of my favorite. They are always polite and easy going. I also like that they offer a few different service plan options, which makes it easy to customize a plan to our needs.”

    - Joe B.
  • I’m so happy I found fresh pest! Customer for life!

    “The owner of the company himself was the one that serviced my home. He didn’t rush at all. Took the time to explain everything he was going to do and even what products he was using. I love that the products are organic and safe but effective!”

    - Nydia A.
  • FRESH pest control came to save our lives.

    “This small company is amazing! They have quick response times, quick scheduling and they were able to get rid of our ant piles around our home quickly. The customer service is amazing, always so kind! We have found our forever pest control company!!”

    - Pili G.
  • Hiring Fresh Pest Control was an excellent decision.

    “The professionalism that was portrayed, the level of customer service, and the local nature of the business made me know that this was the perfect company to work with. I highly recommend them!”

    - Brad H.
  • Very thorough with the treatments. Very responsive with emails

    “Dane explained potential issues and was genuinely concerned about our new house. We agreed that bi-monthly was the best plan for us. . We have had the initial treatment and a second treatment now with no issues. Highly recommend.”

    - Tammy S.

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