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If you wanted to live with pest problems, you'd probably just live outside. No homeowner wants to see their property overrun with a pest infestation, but infestations happen all too often. When they do, finding a qualified Round Rock pest control company is vital to finding a solution and protecting your home. At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we’ve helped hundreds of satisfied customers keep peace inside their homes by keeping the critters outside. We are fully licensed and certified by the State of Texas to handle all of your pest control needs and use unique methods set us apart from other pest control companies.

Don’t be plagued by spiders, scorpions, and other pests. Call our Round Rock pest control company at (512) 645-1199 or visit our contact page to schedule an in-home quote.

Signs of A Pest Infestation

Most infestations are noticeable, but it’s always important to pay attention to subtle details that indicate an infestation before it gets worse. Some of the signs of an active infestation include:

  • Droppings: It may be surprising, but insect droppings can be quite noticeable if you’re paying attention. Termite eggs can also be mistaken as droppings. Pay attention along baseboards and behind furniture.
  • Odors: A large infestation can have unpleasant odors associated with them. Often, infestations bring moisture into places that are susceptible to mold. Between the mold growth and buildup of droppings, the smell can be noticeable.
  • Nests and webs: Nests and webs are dead giveaways that you have pest problems. Treating the area and cleaning up their habitat will help prevent them from coming back.

Effects of Pest Infestation

Active infestations pose many problems for homeowners. Living with pests is not only gross, but it can also be hazardous. Bugs commonly infest your stored food, leading to a need to discard it. Spiders and scorpions cause painful bites and stings that can even be dangerous. Mosquitos carry deadly diseases that can lead to serious illness. Roaches can carry bacteria onto your food preparation areas. Termites can reduce the structure of your home to sawdust requiring expensive repairs.

Whatever the source of your infestation, you don’t have to live with it. At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we offer reliable pest control service in Round Rock that can rid you of even the most complex infestations.

Fresh Pest Control LLC is a local, family-owned business committed to keeping our Round Rock, TX community safe from pest infestations. Call (512) 645-1199 to schedule a free quote today!

Why Choose Us?

At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we raise the bar for pest control services. Customer satisfaction is our highest aim, so we decided to do things differently. Most other pest control services are content to mix chemicals in a large tank and then spray them around your property with little care for its effectiveness. Premixed chemicals degrade inside the tanks due to oxygenation and UV light, and not every chemical is appropriate for every application. At Fresh Pest Control LLC, we mix all of the chemicals that we are going to use on-site. This allows us to mix the most appropriate pesticides at the exact concentration levels. By taking this extra step, our treatments are safer since they are mixed correctly, and they will work more effectively to eliminate your problems.

We tend to look at your property holistically instead of just treating the inside of your home or business. Most often, pest problems result from something that is happening outside, creating favorable conditions for infestation. During our inspections, we will make you aware of the issues that could be contributing to infestations. Then we will set out a plan to eradicate pests by putting down granules in the yard and treating inside for active infestations.

Why Fresh Pest Control?

  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Upfront Pricing Provided to You
  • 100% Guaranteed

Committed to Providing Premium Customer Service

Our Reviews
  • They use safe products and provide an excellent service.

    “We use pest control companies all over the country. Fresh is by far one of my favorite. They are always polite and easy going. I also like that they offer a few different service plan options, which makes it easy to customize a plan to our needs.”

    - Joe B.
  • I’m so happy I found fresh pest! Customer for life!

    “The owner of the company himself was the one that serviced my home. He didn’t rush at all. Took the time to explain everything he was going to do and even what products he was using. I love that the products are organic and safe but effective!”

    - Nydia A.
  • FRESH pest control came to save our lives.

    “This small company is amazing! They have quick response times, quick scheduling and they were able to get rid of our ant piles around our home quickly. The customer service is amazing, always so kind! We have found our forever pest control company!!”

    - Pili G.
  • Hiring Fresh Pest Control was an excellent decision.

    “The professionalism that was portrayed, the level of customer service, and the local nature of the business made me know that this was the perfect company to work with. I highly recommend them!”

    - Brad H.
  • Very thorough with the treatments. Very responsive with emails

    “Dane explained potential issues and was genuinely concerned about our new house. We agreed that bi-monthly was the best plan for us. . We have had the initial treatment and a second treatment now with no issues. Highly recommend.”

    - Tammy S.

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